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At Cybersupport we believe that Ruckus is the king of wireless networks. We are pleased to announce that we have recently earned Channel Partner status and can now install these systems.


Ruckus has developed leading carrier-class Wi-Fi products and technology, such as Smart Wi-Fi, that enable you to benefit from advanced levels of performance and integration capabilities that are not possible with basic Wi-Fi. Basic Wi-Fi products suffer from a number of inadequacies in addressing today’s wireless challenges such as interference, scalability and support for a large number of concurrent users. Smart Wi-Fi system technologies deliver reliable and predictable performance, essential for supporting the most challenging applications.


BeamFlex is the industry’s most advanced Wi-Fi smart antenna implementation. Combining a compact internal antenna array with expert control software, BeamFlex steers Wi-Fi signals around interference to deliver predictable performance at greater ranges. It also eliminates dead spots, increasing the range and performance of the Wi-Fi network up to 300 percent. This results in some of the most reliable Wi-Fi systems available today.


A few of the key features of the Ruckus wireless systems are:


AD authentication - Ruckus has the capability to have Active Directory authentication. This adds security to your wireless network, only enabling users who already have a log on to your network to use your wireless connection.


Elegant and simple guest networking - separate “Guest” networks can be set up, to separate your data from guests who require internet access.


Adaptive wireless - the Ruckus system allows your access points to act in “Mesh” mode. This reduces the need to have a wired data connection in this mode, the access points pass data through in a daisy-chain effect.


Automatic traffic redirection - Each packet of data is directed to establish the best through put for your network.


Rogue access point detection - Ruckus access points will discover rogue access points that have the same wireless network name as yours and will block communication from these access points, helping make your network more secure.


Organically grow the network - expansion of your wireless network is as easy as plugging in a new wireless access point. The management unit will discover the access point automatically and configure it.


Auto Channel swapping - access points will automatically swap channels to establish the best possible connection and limit interference from other access points.


We have special introductory discounts on orders placed before the end of the year, and already have local demonstration sites operating.


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